Justin Morton

Writer/ Director

" When I'm not working, I'm usually writing, reading, travelling or on some kind of adventure. My influences vary in genre and are from different sources. From The Twilight Zone to radio shows like Dimension X and Suspense! Ray Bradbury to Zane Grey to John Saul. For me, writing is more than just a passion. It's a necessity."

Sasha Blore

Producer/ Editor/ VA

At 20 years old, Sasha is CEO of her own company, Small Print Productions. An award- winning, professional freelance video editor with 5 years' experience under her belt. 

She's studying independent filmmaking at university and hopes to succeed in the world of film one day

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Junior Editor

E.S Henry

VA/ Assistant Editor

A voice actor who has been involved with theater, Radio Broadcasting, Audioplays, Narration, and voice characterization for over thirty years. Currently works out of a home studio with a customized soundbooth with professional editing capabilities. A passion for recording, and a desire to be challenged. More than twenty credits under the belt, with the capacity to handle many projects or characters at the same time; All with professional quality and turnaround time.

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Matt Raftis


Matt is a Canadian born voice actor who has repeatedly been mistaken as someone who looks like they belong on the set of Top Gun. He has published many audiobooks on Audible, voiced on many YouTube channels for roles like narration, gameshow announcing or as the offhanded sex offender for those seeking for that sinister voice for their video series. His goal is to join the big leagues for video game voice acting, to have over 1000 audiobooks narrated and to quit his job to peruse voice acting as a full time profession. 

S.H Cooper


S.H. Cooper is an author and voice actress who has worked in podcasts and audio dramas. Among others, she has contributed a number of short stories to The NoSleep Podcast and provided both her writing and her voice to The Grey Rooms Podcast. In addition to what she's done for others, she is a co-creator, co-writer, and voice actress for the upcoming horror-comedy podcast, Calling Darkness.

Megan Taylor


Megan Taylor is an American aspiring voice actor. Born and raised in northern Michigan, Megan knew from an early age that she wanted a career in entertainment. Throughout her early academic career, Megan was involved in theatrical productions, vocal performance groups, and instrumental performance groups. After high school, Megan took time to pursue other passions, including obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University.

Evee H


Evee H. also known as "Forever Evee," has always had a passion for acting and entertainment. Graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, she has pursued her dreams on stage, television, movie, modeling, singing, and voice acting for years. Currently, she voices several characters in projects such as Nix in The Call of The Flame podcast, Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead Motion Comic, Charlie in the Don't Starve Together animation, and many others. She is so excited to continue learning and growing her skills, and to share them with you!

Joshua Presley


I have been involved in theatre for 4 years. Previous roles: Lieutenant John “Ugly” Black in MAS*H Jim Hawkins In Light in the Library Phinn in Ghost Hunt I have 2 Shakespeare performances; Prince Ferdinand in The Tenpest, and The advisor in King Lear. I have dabbled in directing and scripting. My debut into cinema was with my Short film titled, Color.

Morti W.K


Born, raised and living in Norway, I am a patriotic person who loves life here in the cold north. I am a hobby voice actor who is absolutely in love with what I am doing right now. Until now I have participated in comic dubs, audio books, animation dubs and role plays. In real life I do a lot of voluntary work for non profit organizations, focusing a lot on my passions; gaming and my sexuality. I am used to talking a lot as well, as I hold lectures for these organizations.

Gary Scales


Chris Dattolli






Alex Tricamo






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